Monday, November 23, 2009

Today was a felting day.
Two felted bars of soap, two nuno felted scarves, the start of some bad ass mittens.

Felting is one of those rare mediums that lies below the radar, sort of one of its most intriguing qualities.
I tend to prefer wet felting with raw wool rather than fulled knitting simply because fulled knitting seems like cheating to me...yes it is still felting but the idea that you are knitting say, a bag, with wool yarn and then throw it in the washing machine just does not have the same gratification for me as taking raw wool and working the hell out of it so that it becomes a solid workable fiber.
Nuno felting I quite enjoy. You take a breathable fiber, such as silk or simple cheese cloth, and felt on top of it so that the fibers travel from one side to the other when it is fulled. This makes for a light weight felt that is perfect for scarves.

Im sure I'll post all sorts of instructions and various things I learn on my felting journey
Today's lesson:
Alpaca is really really soft. Its not as itchy as Merino wool, but it also does not felt as tightly...but we shall see how tight I can get it when I full the mittens.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Tracks:

Absolutely loving this. will download album asap.
Do Make Say Think: Do

New from Omar Rodriguez-Lopez: Xenophanes,
The Mars Volta visonary never ceases to amaze me.
Track 6: Dessarraigo is definately my favortie. Will Post once I find it.
But for now...Track 2:
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez: Mundo De Ciegos

and the cover art is badass


Recently re-released first 3 studio albums
Cannot Stop Listening...
Streaming full length for 1 week... enjoy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



Streaming new Editors album: In This Light and on This Evening.
Still indifferent about the synthesizers in comparison to End Has A Start which I love and adore.
I can dig it

Monday, November 9, 2009

Today: Epic Fail
I attempted to make lip balm. Lesson number 1, make sure you have bee's wax, paraffin just does not work...but then again I was missing a lot of other things as well.
But they smell really great
I made honey vanilla and sugar peppermint...with all the wrong ingredients and it is more like lip gloss with a hard shell on it and in the wrong will have to attempt this at a later date

For reference:

20% Beeswax
25% solid at room temperature oil (Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Lanolin, etc.)
15% brittle at room temperature oil (Regular Cocoa Butter, Palm Kernel Oil, etc.)
40% liquid oil at room temperature (Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, etc.)

The tubes will hold about .15 ounces of product.
The pots will hold about .25 ounces of product.

Also I Found some good notes on this site, the title of which is intriguing. Will investigate.
Because its on every blog I've read since friday,
And because the clay animation is awesome,
And because its a really good track,

Grizzly Bear: Ready Able

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today I crocheted snowflakes. I thought for a little bit about how strange it is to spell the word crocheted, which was slightly upsetting, then I got me some martha glitter, and was automatically happier.

I combined a bunch of patterns unknowingly because I don't follow directions well, which can tend to be a virtue and a flaw. While making art, it's very benefitial, while baking, it is not. Luckily I wasn't baking.

Dig it.
And buy martha glitter. Far superior to any other glitter, that crafting bitch.


Also I succeeded in music player-age, HA! take that HTML!

Friday, November 6, 2009

This will be interesting....
Attempting to embed a music player
wish me luck.

numero uno

I haven't decided if this will be entertaining, obsession, insanity, all of the above, or none of the above. We shall see now won't we.

They all start somewhere right?